This is the first step in building a holistic discussion map about WHY PEOPLE DO OR DON'T WANT TO BE IN THE EU.
It is an incremental process.

I managed to get some pro EU supporters (on twitter) to engage (initially) in the process of describing - why they want to be in the EU.
The references to VSM or S3/S4 etc are from the Viable Systems Model - see the diag below - look it up on Wiki - it is a useful model for thinking about organizations.
This is my response so far - why I don't want to be in the EU.
The pro EU people kept insisting that they alone inhabit the Rational and Moral High ground - and become quite reluctant to respond to stats about unemployment rates in EU - my systemic criticism of the Principle of Free Movement of People and Capital - or details of the UK's relatively good record on Legally Enforceable Climate Targets - but we will see. The maps have certainly helped to focus the conversation and keep all the components in sight. But It has become clear that the EU supporters are more interested in promoting their existing beliefs than in reviewing and updating their models of reality.
This process is only for people who do want to review and update their models of reality.