FluffBuster Indexes

It is often the case that text or speech actually conveys very little by way of a model that can be used to understand, explain or predict.

So, here at FluffBusters, we have invented some (subjective) FluffBuster Indexes - to help us focus our attention on some of the many different meaning-carrying qualities of texts.

For example -

FluffBuster Word / Meaning Index = how many words are used on average to convey each piece of useful meaning.

FluffBuster Mappable Content Index - which rewards the bold judgmental either or identification and naming of; entities / things / principles - and relationships between things - whilst punishing the use of fudging, subtlety, sophistry and rhetorical tricks.

The rest will be made available shortly

Category Quality Rating

Relationship Quality Rating

Subtle Distinctions Ratio

Assumed Solutions Landscape

Diversity Index - portable possible outcomes

Entropy Uncertainty Index - how many decisions to reach equilibrium

Markov and Lyp - predetermined destiny if underlying forces stay the same.

Confidence Ratings

Fast to Slow Ratio - heart to head - body to mind

Vested Interest Entrenchment and Projection

Bureaucratic Burden Ratio

Vector Alignment

Group-think Distortion

Tribe : Nation : Empire

There be Dragons - measures imagined (delusional) dislike of other

Tipping Point Proximity Measures