Thinking in Triplets
to create
Precision Holistic Schema Maps

Thinking in Triplets is the KEY to FluffBuster's Approach to; Thinking, Discussing, Collaborating, Innovating, Designing, Deciding & Taking Action.

Vague sloppy imprecise language has its uses, in some (mainly political diplomatic rhetorical manipulative persuasive) situations -

but it is NOT useful for Thinking - Collaboratie Innovative Evolving Understanding and Communicating.

Thinking in Triplets is the way to go IF YOU WANT TO develop your UNDERSTANDING of something.

TRIPLETS are the fundamental unit of meaning. There are three types of triplet.

Type 1) Subject - Predicate - Object = (thing - has a relationship with - another thing)
(John knows Simon, Simon ownes a car, John maintains Simon's car)

1) Subject ( the thing doing something)
2) Predicate (saying something about the thing and its actions....)
3) Object (the thing being effected)

Type 2) Subject - Property(or feature) - Value(description)
(Simon's car, has a 'colour,' and the colour is 'blue')
(Simon's car, has an 'engine', and the engive is - petrol 1600cc 4 valve)
(Simon's car, has transmission, and the transmission is - automatic front wheel drive)
(Somon's phone, has a number, which is 123340405)
(Somon's phone, has a model, which is Samsung xy354)

Type 3) Subject, is a member of, class (type category) name.)
(Simon's car, is a member of the, Ford xyz class)
(Simon's phone, is a member of the, Samsung class)

Think about how you would represent this information in a database or a spread sheet.

Subject Knows How long Met where Type of relationship
John Simon 2 years Paris Friend
Simon Wendy 5 years London Married




Subject Ownes Colour Maintained by Cost etc
Simon car blue John 3000 etc
Simon jacket blue ??? 80 etc
Paul jacket green ??? 100 etc

See how each peice of meaningful information is in triplet form.

Triplets - are the way our brains make sense of the world, and thus, the way our languages have evolved.

There can be some meaning in duplets such as saying 'icebergs melt' or 'animals eat'. It gives a clue to the behaviour of these things, as does saying 'animals don't melt' and 'icebergs don't eat'. But I think you can see that triplets is always the way to go if you want to convey something meaningful and complete.

Completed Triplets is the best we can do, the most precise we can be. As opposed to..

'Come on everybody - lets take action' - which is not in completed triplet form -

What would you put in a database table,

Urgent questions remain unnswered -

who, where, when, what action, why -
what do you hope or expect it will it achieve,
why do you think that,
what is you model of the world?

Holistic because - our short term working memory is very limited.

Try to say the last 5 digits of your phone number in reverse order - and you will hit the limits of your short term working memory

So we can only focus properly on 1 triplet at any one time.

Which makes it impossible to hold a whole holistic model of anything complex or complicated in our working memory, let alone have a meaningful HOLISTIC conversation with other people, each of whom can only be thinking about one triplet at a time and very probably not the one currently being considered.

But if you put all the triplets together in a diagram, and use the diagram as your holistic memory then you are free to pay full attention to each and any triplet as required. So simple. Now you can keep everything in perspective. Not get carried away obsessing about one small part of an issue and forgetting about the rest of it.



Holistic precision language maps
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